What the f*ck is wrong with some people?

Seriously, some people can have so much potential, but just straight waste it.

San Francisco Police Department via AP, Booking photo 3/6/2018

I just read that Aldon Smith has just been released from the Oakland Raiders. (You know thing have to be really horrible in your life if even the Raiders don’t want you.) But seriously, he turned himself in to the police for domestic violence. This isn’t the first time he has had domestic violence issues either. And if you didn’t know, he has had substance abuse problems as well. The last few years have been a roller coaster of serious problems. ESPN has a an article on the timeline of all the sh*t he has been doing the last few years.

Happier times during Smith’s brief career.

I loved watching him play for MY San Francisco 49ers a few years ago. I was even considering buying his jersey. I mean he got 14 sacks playing as a part-time player in his rookie year. That’s a lot. He was destined to be a star, but life had different plans. 

It’s sad to see someone that has so much talent and ability waste it on substance abuse and bad decisions. I’m mean, c’mon, please let me have the ability to run a 4.74 second 40 yard dash. Now I’m not going to begin to try to even seem like I understand what Aldon Smith is going through. Addiction is serious and I wish him the best. But I also wish he never had the problem to begin with, instead of having him try to deal with it and get better. I guess everyone has their demons.

But then, when I think about players (and people) in general that suffer through difficulty, I realize how lucky I really am. Some are able to achieve and overcome their obstacles.

Shaquem Griffin is the man, and doing it all with only one hand.

He blew everyone away at the NFL Combine, which is where you go through a series of tests to help teams see how good of a player you might be.

Everyone is talking about Griffin. Seriously, he will be an NFL player with only one hand. I mean let that sink in. How easy would it have been for him, at some point in his life, to just give up on his dream? I mean, most people would have just said it wasn’t in the card. I don’t think I would have been strong enough mentally.

So thinking of myself, I have two hands, what’s my excuse? Sure, I may not have been blessed with the physical ability that a professional football player has; like I can’t bench press 225 pounds 20 times in a row,

like Griffin, but I can at least try to work with what I’ve got. Making excuses for myself is easy. Too easy. Giving up on what I want because I don’t have the time, the money, or the energy is too easy. Procrastination and excuses are are demons that can 

hinder success. We all want success (no matter what it means), maybe it’s time I learn from other’s successes and failures, and do something.

Money is not valuable, so make it rain.

But the cash value still boils down to the ability of spending it.

Money is meaningless without you being able to actually do something with it. If you could not spend it, it would just be cool looking paper.  It’s value would be about the same as the white paper in your printer; maybe less since the cash is too small to run through your printer. But because a dollar amount is assigned to each piece of cash, that Benjamin has value. We tend to forget that the actual value of your money is the ability to spend it and receive a good or service. The reason you want to save money is so you can have the potential to buy the cup of coffee, braces, or emergency doctor visit in the future. But the cash value still boils down to the ability of spending it.

So on the note of spending money, here are the three things that I splurge on or get the upgrade for and it really makes a difference in the quality of the product and experience.

1. Designer Jeans.

Ok, expensive jeans are expensive.  Now I’ve never bought any ultra expensive jeans, but I have had my share of jeans that were around $100 to $200: Seven For All Mankind, True Religion, and Rock and Republic (before they went bankrupt, and became “budget jeans” at Khol’s.)

Jeans from probably 10 years ago

And quite frankly my 30-50 dollar Levi’s always tear.

Ripped jeans are cool…
…But not in the crotch.

I used to wear the “designer” jeans from about 10 years ago all the time.  I still wear them from time to time, but the fit is so flared out that I feel like I’m wearing bell bottoms, especially if I compare them to the fit of jeans I buy today.  But even, the the quality of them never failed me, while more budget friendly Levi’s jeans have ripped in as little as a 3 months of wear.

Basically the same jeans, lol.

I even went as far as buying the Levi’s in bulk because I liked the look and feel of them so much, but I knew that eventually they would rip and I might not be able to find them again

But I guess the only way I was able to buy so many was  because they were cheaper. I would never have bought  pairs of $200 dollar jeans at once, but then I wouldn’t have needed to buy so many if since they don’t rip as often.

2. Organic Produce

Next we have organic foods. Some organic produce is much better for you than their nonorganic counterparts while some organic foods really is basically the same thing. I’m going to write an article in the future about which type of organic produce I think is actually worth it to spend the extra money on.

But for now, bananas. I think organic bananas basically the same price. Abundle of non organic bananas might be $1.50, while a bundle of organic bananas are $2 to $2.50. Sure it is a 30 – 50 percent increase, but 50 percent of 1.50 really isn’t too much. Sure you might say an extra 75 cents will add up. But I doubt you eat enough bananas to actually make it add up to anything substantial.


3. Protein shakes.

Now this one isn’t quite a buy the better option, but it’s more of buy it instead of don’t buy it. I doubt the average person  is eating enough lean protein in their diet, unless they are actually being really strict about what they eat.  Adding a good protein shake to your diet will probably make you feel more energetic and even maybe help you to eat less junk.

Actually let’s face it, we will still eat the same junk, BUT at least you had aprotein shake to at least add some good nutrients into your diet. I’ve started to take a new protein shake to me that is vegan, gluten free, blah blah blah. The main reason for me switching is that it doesn’t have lactose. I’m not fully lactose intolerant, but I like to start my day with a protein shake and having dairy on an empty stomach isn’t a great idea. I may have already said too much.


These were just a few things that I think is worth the extra money.

A few other things I think is worth the money is                                                         – nice vacations (because you don’t want to die without seeing as much of the world as possible),                                                                                                                     – a car you actually like driving (because I drive every single day and spend about an hour in it, so the usage is high, and I want the enjoyment to be high as well),                                                                                                                                – and new tech (because sometimes old tech can make your progress run much slower, and you end up not as productive, and all you think of is how slow your outdated tech is.)

Skimping on luxuries all the time is not worth it, if it is just for the sake of saving money.

BUT not everything is worth the money to me. This is all based on if you have the money to spend of course.  Don’t go overspending! But that is a different topic that I’ll cover another time.

Until next time,